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General forum guidelines and welcome.
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General Forum Guidelines

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Welcome to Georgia Tech's ReWOOD (Renewables-based Economy from WOOD) Sustainable Chemistry Forum. This forum serves as an open exchange of ideas, philosophies, methods, and concepts to establish a sustainable chemical infrastructure based on xylochemistry (the chemistry of woody biomass materials) rather than petrochemistry. Please keep your comments respectful, and professional. If you have questions, please feel free to ask them in a post. Many scientific experts on the forum stand ready to provide insight and information. We may not be immediately able to answer questions, but raising questions creates an opportunity to expand the knowledge base for everyone. Where possible please cite primary literature references in support of contentions and claims so that others may evaluate those supporting data.

In support of professionalism and respectful discourse, we ask that you post under your own name rather that a pseudonym. Please be sure to include important credentials and qualifications in your profile.

Happy and instructive blogging on this important subject!
AJ Arduengo, Professor of the Practice, Georgia Tech
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