Better Chemistry for a Sustainable Future.

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Proposed Scheme

Center for Renewables-based Economy from WOOD



ReWOOD Mission and Vision


  • ReWOOD strives to develop and implement technologies that enable a manufacturing, production, and energy infrastructure that is sustainable does not interfere with the natural environmental state.

  • ReWOOD benefits both producers (businesses) and consumers through deployment of an affordable, renewable, sustainable resource harvesting, production, and recycling infrastructure.

  • ReWOOD delivers disruptive, translational, and transitioning technologies to facilitate the change from manufacturing dependence on petrochemicals and petrochemistry to one based on renewable, carbon-neutral, resources such as wood (as well as other diverse biomass) and xylochemistry.

  • ReWOOD creates an ever-green, and affordable manufacturing and production infrastructure with minimal disruption of natural ecologies and the ability to mitigate environmental impact both past and future.


  • ReWOOD envisions development and deployment of technologies for a sustainable manufacturing infrastructure, but also seeks to cultivate a wider public understanding of anthropological environmental impact and develop an appreciation of ecological ties while providing an enhanced quality of life globally.

  • ReWOOD ultimately provides a seamless, sustainable, non-disruptive integration of mankind to its local environment and resources while maximizing the quality of life, technologically, and aesthetically.