Better Chemistry for a Sustainable Future.

Travels continued



We spent a day in Giessen at the Justus von Liebig Museum

and Mathematikum. Liebig is considered the father of organic

chemistry and the museum maintains his old chemistry labs

with brick fume hoods and wood-burning furnaces.

Mathematikum is a very entertaining math-centered museum

with fun puzzles and games. Our next outing was with Dr.

Arduengo to a nearly 900 year-old abbey very close to our

home in Eltville. Kloster Eberbach is a former monastery and

vineyards surrounded by woods.



            Fun fact: fermentation barrels have a candle on the top at

            approximately nose height so that when carbon dioxide (a byproduct

            of fermentation) fills the cellar, it will extinguish the flame and warn

            the monks to get out before they suffocate. After the monastery, we

            drove to Rüdesheim to see the Niederwalddenkmal monument

            commemorating the unification of Germanic tribes into the German


            Our last weekend in Germany was incredibly busy. Saturday was a

            tour of Wiesbaden. Though I had passed through the city every day

            on the way to Mainz, I hadn’t gone much further than the train

            station. The afternoon began with a scenic drive and a view of the

            city from the top of a hill. We rode down the hill on a water-powered

            train, drank mineral water from a natural hot spring, and peeked into

            an ornate casino.









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