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Fun Fact #1: I’ve been living in Germany for 60 days. I go home in 30 days. (editors note: this post was written when I only had 30 days left. Whether or not it gets uploaded at the 30-day mark is another story)

Fun Fact #2: This is my first blog post.

Fun Fact #3: I like to count things. 

Hey. I’m Casey. Nice to meet you. Welcome to my little corner of the Xylochemistry Scholar Exchange Portal. Coming at you live(ish) from my kitchen table in Nieder Olm, Germany. Never heard of it? That’s okay; I hadn’t either before I started this program.

 It’s a cute little town about five kilometers from Mainz where I study. There’s a take-out place down the street from my apartment that makes a mean Döner sandwich and I am pretty sure that Nieder Olm has the best Chinese food. Ever.

Anyway. Tangent over. 

So how did I end up here?

Well long story short I found out about Chemistry study abroad/ research program in Mainz, Germany from my Organic Chemistry professor back at The University of Alabama. I got in touch with Dr. Arduengo, who was leading the trip, and was accepted into the program. Fast forward to January 6, 2018, and I boarded a plane bound for Frankfurt International Airport.


It’s been a great adventure. I am excited to tell you more about it.








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